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There are many ways to get a hold of us. The easiest being email. You can also send us a card or letter at the address below:
Our webcam is sometimes on:
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A Subtle Shade of Blue is:  
  Scott Martyniuk  
  Guitars, Keys, Drums, Vocals  
  John Rich  
  Bass Guitar, Keys, Drums, Vocals  
  Jamie Hepting  
  Lead Guitars  
With Guitars by:  
  Gerald Shoennherr  
Album Photos by:  
  Leisa Rich  
Art and additional photos by:  
  Scott Martyniuk  

Letters, Cards, Packages, & Peeves to:
Sushad Blu
c/o Millennium Studios, Inc.
412 Grand River Avenue
Suite 4
Port Huron MI 48060
ISLE Music Productions